The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Korean Variety Shows in 2024

Ashish Khaitan
2 min readJun 3, 2024


When you start feeling disinterested in K-pop and dramas, it’s time for a break. Korean variety and dating shows offer a fresh and exciting change. As fans, we all experience a setback in watching dramas at some point.

That’s what I call a “Fan hiatus”.Just like idols take time off for their well-being, we need a break too. Take a breather from the dramas and dive into the world of Korean variety shows. Let me guide you through the must-watch shows for beginners.

You’ll thank me later!”

Starting off simple, South Korean variety shows are literally made up of a group of celebrity cast members who sometimes align with their scripts and revolve around the genre and plot of the shows along with showcasing their close relations.

Here is a Guide to the Top Korean Variety Shows

Source: IMDb
1. Running man

This Korean variety show is basically like the god of variety shows in South Korea. It has around 707 episodes as of (June 2nd,2024). The cast includes Yoo Jae-suk the nation’s MC, Song Ji-hyo, Haha, Jee Seok-jin, and other members.

For those who are wondering about any K-drama actors why not bro? It includes Song Joong Ki, Kang Hoon, and Jeon So Min. It airs on Sundays.

The show is filled with fun games by guests and cast members Running Man also features guest appearances by some great Korean actors and actresses too.

2. Knowing Bros

This show is set in a school, and all the cast members are like current students. Every week, some actors make appearances as new students and showcase their charm with performances. A definite must-watch.

3. Jinny’s Kitchen

Are you ARMY?Do you remember the story of a famous BTS fan who happened to see V while he was shooting? You know what she did? As she did not want to disturb him she wrote her message on a piece of paper and took consent from him. How adorable!

Do you know that the show was in Jinny’s kitchen? Jinny’s Kitchen revolves around a kitchen on wheels business with various celebrities as its employees.

It features Lee Seo Jun, Jung Yu-mi, BTS v, Park Seo Joon, And Choi Woo Shik “In Bacalar, a small town in Mexico, Jinny’s Kitchen opens, introducing Korean street food to their passionate customers. Meet Seo Jin, the boss of the business, and his various employees.”

4. All the butlers (Master in The house)

For anyone ready for a laughter ride with amazing and unique tasks every day then absolutely All The Butlers is a show for you guys. It aired every Sunday, It stars Yang Se-hyung, Kim Dong-hyun, Eun Ji-won, Doyoung, Bam Bam, and Lee Dae-ho.

The show has former cast mates such as Cha Eun Woo, Lee Seung-g, and Yoo Su-bin. You can also watch recent shows like Super Rich in Korea, Physical 100, and Zombiverse

Still, the list is endless………………………….