Slasher Maidens Manga Reveals Climactic Showdown in Latest Volume

Ashish Khaitan
2 min readNov 26, 2023


Slasher Maidens Manga Reveals Climactic Showdown in Latest Volume

Renowned manga artist Tetsuya Tashiro, celebrated for his work on Akame ga KILL!, recently took to Twitter to reveal exciting news for fans eagerly anticipating the conclusion of his latest creation, Slasher Maidens (Kaijin Reijō).

The much-anticipated Volume 11, released on November 21, serves as the commencement of the final battle in the Slasher Maidens saga, promising readers an exhilarating and climactic experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The Unique Storyline of Slasher Maidens

Debuting in April 2018 in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker magazine, the action-packed manga has captivated audiences with its distinctive and compelling storyline.

The plot revolves around a peculiar phenomenon where individuals, pushed to the brink of mental stress, undergo a transformative journey into monstrous entities known as “Kaijin.”

The narrative turns unexpectedly when Asuma Sudo, an unconventional protagonist described as a proud pervert, transfers to an all-girls school in pursuit of his romantic interest. Little does he know, the seemingly ordinary school serves as a front for an anti-Kaijin special agency, setting the stage for unforeseen challenges.

Yen Press Unveils the English Tale

Yen Press has been the gateway for English-speaking audiences to explore the meticulously crafted world of Slasher Maidens. With Volume Eight already on shelves since August 22, anticipation is now building for the release of Volume Nine on December 12.

Tetsuya Tashiro, in collaboration with Takahiro, concluded the Akame ga KILL! manga in December 2016. Launched in 2010 in Monthly Gangan Joker, this earlier work spanned 15 volumes published by Square Enix, transcending the manga realm and inspiring a television anime that premiered in Japan in July 2014.

The anime adaptation of Akame ga KILL! found its way to audiences through Crunchyroll during its original run, and Sentai Filmworks later licensed and released the series on Blu-ray Discs and DVD. Additionally, it secured a spot on Adult Swim’s Toonami block, debuting in August 2015.

Tashiro’s Final Battle in Slasher Maidens

As Tashiro embarks on the final battle in Slasher Maidens, fans are eagerly awaiting the resolution of this gripping tale.

The manga’s unique blend of supernatural elements, unexpected twists, and Tashiro’s distinctive artistic style has firmly established Slasher Maidens as a must-read for manga enthusiasts.