Attack on Titan proved its worth by not following the anime cliches from the 90s. A dense MC with no sense of his surroundings, NO! Eren is not a hero and nor is he a villain. But somebody is!

The truth behind the walls

Attack on Titan season four revealed the devastating war of the outside world. Paradise island had its own conflict which, basically, lays the foundation of the long history of the titans. While Eren was the center of the attraction until the third season, a new hero emerged from the gallows, changing everything we know about the anime world so far.


On a global level, fashion has evolved, and each region got its sense of clothing. Asian countries are rich in culture; they also represent it through their clothing.

However, things have changed, and the fashion too. Korean fashion brands are making an impact internationally with their unique style. The kfashion is eye-catchy, especially the apparel, accessories, and bags.

South Korean fashion definitely refers to western clothing. But the best thing about Korean fashion brands is they have their own creative side. South Korean dramas and movies are the sources why people across the globe love Korean fashion brands. …

Tomorrow By Together under HYBE Labels has made a comeback on 31st May with their second studio album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze.

After their Dream arc which consisted of Star, Magic, and Eterninty, they have moved into the arc of Chaos which shows their transformation from boyhood to adulthood, and with that comes the harsh realities they have to face as clearly shown in their Concept Trailer: the theme of Fight, Flight or Freeze which is actually a natural response of your body to danger.

This album consists of 8 tracks:

Track 1: Anti-Romantic

Track 2: 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I…

Google Ads is a powerful ad serving platform that empowers almost every marketer in the world. Today, we will be discussing the top three Google Ads alternatives that serve the same purpose as Google Ads but offer many more things and are relatively cheap and flexible.

To get the point across, I will try to keep this article as short as possible. So, take a seat back and relax because today we’ll be talking about the top 3 best Google Ads alternatives for managing your ad campaigns.

If you want to be a professional marketer or want to enter into…

A drama on classical music is not unheard but Do you like Brahms? is a welcome change for many viewers. Its realistic depiction of people pursuing classical music to achieve their dreams has made a loyal fan base for itself. It has also paved a new direction for mainstream K-dramas.

Plot summary

Do You Like Brahms? was broadcasted from 31st August to 20th October 2020. The story revolves around Chae Song-Ah played by Park Eun-Bin and Park Joon-young played by Kim Min-Jae, students at a prestigious university for music. Chae Song-Ah (Park Eun-Bin) is a violin major who joined the university at…

Playing video games based on Naruto is so relaxing. You get to see the power-ups, the characters, and the overwhelming nostalgia of the greatest anime ever made in history. As a gamer myself, I wanted to know about all the Naruto games released between 2000 and 2021. Be it naruto online games or naruto games for pc, I wanted to know about every official Naruto game ever made. The reason behind this article is simple: I want my readers to sit back, relax and feel the nostalgia of the gaming year 2000, followed by the impatient and aggressive gaming era…

This Netflix Original Thai Anthology starring Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno, the highly controversial protagonist of the show, will keep you hooked to your screen, but know that you are not alone.

The extremely strange and rattling plot with stunning visuals and a great ensemble of cast surrounded by the eery yet gripping background score and a fresh story line each episode; the series revolves around a diabolical teenager Nanno, the new girl in every episode as she mysteriously enters a different school each time and exposes the darkest secrets and sins of the students or teachers without bias, in this…

Descendants of the sun season 2 will return soon on the streaming platform including, Netflix and other OTT platforms. “Descendants of the sun” is one of the most famous Korean dramas of 2016.

“Descendants of the sun” part 2 is highly anticipated, and drama fans from all over the world are looking forward to seeing if the couple will come back again in their lead roles for the second season.

According to some sources, Descendants of the sun season 2 will incorporate new changes in the storyline. Additionally, it is disheartening to see that the cute pair of the first…

Finding a cheap gaming keyboard on Amazon is not that hard. I mean, we have many keyboards on national and internal sites, and it becomes almost impossible to choose a gaming keyword. However, I bought myself the almighty, trendy Evo Fox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard. This is a review of the possible cheap mechanical gaming keyboard Evo Fox Fireblade. Let’s get straight into it. Shall we?

I am an iPhone user, so I take the quality of a product very seriously. But the Evo Fox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard is not about the quality; it is a cheap imitation of mechanical keyboards…

We Indian love smartphones, and with every passing year, we tend to move forward with brands and new phone models. While the flagship models start from around 25k, some phone brands manufacture mid-range smartphones in India that start from a mere 8k INR. Here in this list, you will find the best-selling smartphones under 10000, 15000, and 20000 in India. So without any further ado, let’s get started with our list of the best mid-range smartphones in India today.

Best smartphone under 10000

While there are 10+ brands and 100+ models available in this price segment, one smartphone stands above the rest and yes…

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