5 Kdramas Starring the Genius Eun Woo

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5 Kdramas Starring the Genius Eun Woo

For avid K-drama enthusiasts and fans of the multi-talented Cha Eun Woo, the past year has been a riveting journey filled with performances and unforgettable moments on the small screen.

With his last enthralling portrayal in “Island,” Eun Woo left viewers craving for more, leaving them eagerly awaiting his return.

And now, the wait is finally over, as Eun Woo graces us with his presence once again, this time in a heartwarming brew of romance in “A Good Day to Be a Dog.”

As we anticipate this new release, let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most remarkable Eun Woo Korean dramas.

These five dramas not only demonstrate his acting prowess but also offer a diverse range of genres and characters that have left an indelible mark on the world of K-drama. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these 5 Eun Woo Korean dramas.

Top 5 Eun Woo Korean dramas

Top 5 Eun Woo Korean dramas

1. True beauty


True Beauty” is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Yaongyi. It was later adapted into a popular television drama.

The story revolves around a high school girl named Lim Jugyeong who is often teased and feels insecure about her appearance. However, she is exceptionally skilled in makeup and uses it as a way to transform herself into what she believes is a more conventionally beautiful version of herself.

After transferring to a new school, Jugyeong keeps her makeup skills a secret. She meets two boys, Lee Suho and Han Seojun, who are both popular and handsome. Suho, in particular, is mysterious and initially seems cold-hearted. However, circumstances lead to Jugyeong and Suho forming a complex relationship.

As the story progresses, Jugyeong’s secret begins to unravel, and she has to confront the challenge of being true to herself. The webtoon explores themes of self-acceptance, beauty standards, and the complexities of teenage relationships.

2. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung


“Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung” is a South Korean historical romance drama series that aired in 2019. The plot is set in the early 19th century during the Joseon Dynasty, a period known for its strict Confucian social structure.

The story follows Goo Hae-Ryung (played by Shin Se-Kyung), a young woman from a noble family who aspires to be a historian, a profession traditionally dominated by men. She is accepted as a rookie historian at the palace, a position that allows her to record historical events.

At the same time, Prince Dowon (played by Cha Eun-woo), the youngest and most progressive prince, is interested in the changing social dynamics of the time. He disguises himself as a commoner to live among the people and gain a better understanding of their lives. Goo Hae-ryung and Prince Dowon’s paths cross, and they form an unexpected bond.

The series explores themes of gender equality, social change, and the power of knowledge. It combines elements of romance, comedy, and historical drama, offering a unique perspective on the roles of women in a rigidly hierarchical society.

3. Sweet Revenge


“Sweet Revenge” is a South Korean web series that was later adapted into a television drama. It’s also known as “Revenge Note.” The plot revolves around a high school girl named Ho Goo-hee.

Ho Goo-hee is a sweet and kind-hearted girl who often becomes the target of bullying by her classmates. Frustrated and tired of being mistreated, she stumbles upon a mysterious app called “Revenge Note.” This app allows her to take revenge on those who have wronged her by writing down their names. The app then carries out various pranks and misfortunes on the individuals.

As Goo-hee starts using the app, she discovers that revenge isn’t as satisfying as she thought it would be. She begins to understand the complexities and consequences of seeking retribution.

Throughout the series, Goo-hee navigates the challenges of high school life, friendships, and the moral dilemmas brought about by her newfound power. She learns valuable lessons about empathy, forgiveness, and the importance of understanding others.

“Sweet Revenge” combines elements of comedy, drama, and a touch of fantasy, using the premise of the revenge app to explore deeper themes of personal growth and human relationships.

4. All the Butlers (TV show)


“All the Butlers” (also known as “Master in the House”) is a South Korean variety show rather than a traditional drama. The show premiered in 2017 and features a format where celebrity cast members live and work with a different master or expert each week.

The main cast members, including Lee Seung-gi, Yang Se-hyung, Shin Sung-rok, and Kim Dong-hyun, take on the roles of “butlers” and immerse themselves in the lives of various masters. These masters can be experts in a wide range of fields, such as traditional crafts, sports, arts, and more.

The show’s format typically involves the cast members spending a few days with the master to learn about their expertise and lifestyle. During this time, they engage in various activities and tasks related to the master’s profession. The show aims to provide both entertainment and education to the viewers, as the cast members gain insights and skills from their experiences.

While “All the Butlers” doesn’t have a continuous plot like a drama, each episode focuses on a different master and their expertise. The interactions, challenges, and learning experiences of the cast members with the masters form the central content of the show. The format encourages personal growth, cultural exchange, and a deeper understanding of different professions.

5. Top Management


“Top Management” is a South Korean web series that combines elements of fantasy, romance, and music. It’s based on a web novel of the same name by Jangyuk.

The plot revolves around a young man named Ahn Joong-Hee (played by Seo Eun-su), who possesses a unique ability. He can see people’s auras and has the power to read their thoughts and emotions.

One day, Joong-Hee is scouted by a mysterious company called “Top Management.” This company is unlike any other, as it specializes in managing and training K-pop idol groups. What makes it even more special is that the Top Management managers have supernatural music-related abilities.

Joong-Hee finds himself entangled in the world of K-pop, where he meets and works with aspiring idols. As he navigates through the challenges of the entertainment industry, he also encounters various supernatural phenomena and learns about the true nature of his abilities.

The series explores themes of talent, ambition, friendship, and romance within the backdrop of the highly competitive and glamorous world of K-pop. It combines elements of the supernatural with the excitement of the entertainment industry.

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